A trademark is any word, phrase, design, sound, or symbol that identifies your unique products or services. Under trademark law, when you federally register a trademark or service mark with the United States Trademark Office, you receive exclusive rights to use it and the right to legally stop someone else from doing so.

We assist clients with trademark registration both domestically and internationally while providing a full range of trademark services, including:

  • Trademark registration, maintenance, and renewal in the United States and internationally
  • Trademark clearance, selection and opinions
  • Strategic trademark portfolio management
  • Trademark infringement litigation
  • Unfair competition and misappropriation litigation
  • Trademark licensing and due diligence
  • Trade dress protection
  • Oppositions and cancellations before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB)
  • Cybersquatting and domain name disputes


Trademarks are one of the most valuable assets a company can own. A strong trademark instantly communicates the quality and distinctiveness of your business and differentiates you from your competitors. Thoughtfully choosing, registering, and exploiting your trademarks can increase brand recognition, which can have a direct impact on your bottom line. At the Idea Asset Group, we understand the power of your name. Our trademark attorneys have experience that helps us guide our clients in obtaining, protecting and leveraging their trademarks, turning them into valuable assets.


Competitive companies understand that it is not enough to simply obtain trademark protection. An entire portfolio of intellectual property assets is often needed to protect your rights. From securing critical domain names to protecting against infringers, our intellectual property attorneys work directly with clients to develop aggressive legal strategies to better position your trademark assets against current and future competitors.

If you have been using a trademark, whether it’s registered or unregistered, and someone else is trying to use the same or similar mark, or you have been accused of using on another’s trademark, we can help protect your rights. Tell us about your situation and we’ll let you know what we can do.
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