Electronically stored information (ESI) is the life-blood of modern business. With the explosion of electronic data companies, the smallest start-ups to the largest international corporations rely on ESI to communicate their ideas with the world and drive growth. However, this same technological explosion has left many businesses stuck in litigation and unprepared to handle the complexities of the eDiscovery process. At the Idea Asset Group, we are committed to helping clients understand their eDiscovery obligations, manage costs, and reduce both business and legal risks associated with ESI. With our experience drafting patents for some of the most cutting-edge computer technologies in the world, the Idea Asset Group is uniquely prepared to quickly and effectively understand and manage your ESI capabilities, as well as assist other law firms augment their own eDiscovery efforts.


Sometimes the difference between winning and losing comes down to finding a single document or email in a jumbled sea of electronic information. On the other hand, just one instance of an important electronic document being deleted or destroyed, even inadvertently, can have a devastating impact on your case and ultimately your credibility in front of a jury. At the Idea Asset Group, we understand that from the earliest stages of a case, it is important to develop a strategic eDiscovery plan that is efficient, defensible and cost-effective. At the outset of any case, our attorneys and certified eDiscovery specialists will develop an ESI Management Plan that is tailored to meet your needs and budget. The plan includes early case assessment, litigation hold procedures and strategies, data preservation and collection, predictive coding and technology-assisted review, forensic document analysis, and document review and production protocols.


As companies of all sizes migrate their ESI from traditional server-based networks to cloud-based applications, traditional eDiscovery strategies need to evolve as well. Our attorneys and certified eDiscovery specialists not only understand the technological infrastructure necessary to navigate modern cloud-based systems, they have been at the forefront of legal decisions that are pushing the boundaries of where our clients can go to find the evidence they need to protect their intellectual property assets.

If someone is infringing on your rights as a patent, trademark, or copyright holder and you want to protect your rights, or you if you are the defendant in a claim involving intellectual property, let our eDiscovery team help.

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