At the Idea Asset Group, we provide the full spectrum of services for intellectual property transactions to protect our clients’ assets. We structure, draft, and negotiate all types of intellectual property transaction agreements, from non-disclosure and technology transfer agreements to sophisticated licensing and intellectual property asset purchases. Whether our clients are seeking to commercialize their own intellectual property assets or acquire new technologies, our attorneys have the substantive expertise in patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and technology to help you protect, control and monetize your ideas. Our attorneys have developed experience in intellectual property transactions in such notable industries as:

  • Software and Information Technology
  • Biotech and Life Sciences
  • Energy
  • Consumer Goods
  • Creative Arts
  • Renewable Green Technologies
  • Agriculture


At the Idea Asset Group, we understand the importance of identifying and solving intellectual property-related issues arising in complex corporate transactions. However, some legal and business transactions involve more than just intellectual property assets and may require a team of specialized experts. Our intellectual property attorneys work closely with corporations and outside attorneys to understand the impact intellectual property assets may have on their clients’ business transactions. We routinely assist non-intellectual property attorneys conduct due diligence and evaluate factors that impact the valuation of various intellectual property assets.


Sometimes having a game-changing idea is not enough. At the Idea Asset Group, we understand that without a sound business plan, even the best ideas might never get off the ground. Our intellectual property attorneys work directly with our clients to help focus business, financial and marketing plans that integrate and maximize their intellectual property assets. We assist our clients in identifying and understanding their competitors’ intellectual property assets and strategically protecting their ideas to create competitive advantages in the marketplace.

If you are contemplating licensing, buying or selling any patent, copyright or trademark, or need assistance understanding the intellectual property consequences of a larger corporate transaction, let our intellectual property professionals help you close the deal.

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