As the commercial importance of the Internet continues to increase, digital intellectual property assets such as domain names can have “bet-the-company” value. At the Idea Asset Group, we can help you maximize the value of your digital intellectual property assets and their rights under domain name law. From the selection and protection of domain names to a comprehensive review of all digital intellectual property assets, we can help you control and communicate your digital assets to the world. Whether you are seeking to protect your intellectual property assets or have been accused of infringing on another’s online rights, the Idea Asset Group has the knowledge and experience with Internet and domain name law to help you navigate the modern digital economy.


In today’s internet-based economy, not having strong domain name rights and protections in place from the outset can be a recipe for failure. At the Idea Asset Group, we are experienced in all types of domain name disputes. If you find that a third party has registered a domain name that incorporates your product or brand name, our intellectual property attorneys can help recover the domain name through international arbitration under the Uniform Dispute Resolution Proceeding (UDRP) or in U.S. Federal Courts through provisions of the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA). Our intellectual property attorneys can help you protect your online copyrights through the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

If you need assistance securing your domain name or protecting any of your digital intellectual property assets, let the Idea Asset Group help you take back what is yours.

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