A copyright protects your creative expression of ideas in media such as books, photos, graphic art, sculpture, music, movies, and computer software. Copyright law protection provides you with a collection of rights that prevents others from:

  • Reproducing your copyrighted work
  • Reproducing your copyrighted work into another form, such as making a movie from a novel
  • Distributing your copyrighted work to the public
  • Publicly performing your work (such as a play or music)
  • Publicly displaying your work (such as a painting)


At the Idea Asset Group, we have experience identifying and protecting your rights as a copyright holder. We can help register a copyright, preparing and prosecuting copyright registrations for all types of creative works such as artwork, books, software, websites, music, and more. We also counsel our clients in a variety of other copyright matters, including copyright enforcement and drafting and negotiating copyright licenses and agreements.


While once confined to traditional fields such as film, art, literature, and design, copyright issues have exploded along with the ability to produce and instantaneously disseminate digital information around the globe. Traditional legal approaches simply don’t apply to today’s modern internet-based digital economy. If your business relies on creating digital content, our attorneys are experts in developing creative solutions to protect and leverage your copyrighted works. If it relies on third-party digital content, we can advise you on your rights and obligations to those copyright holders.


Whether the issue is enforcing your copyrights or protecting you from infringement claims, the Idea Asset Group copyright attorneys have a wealth of experience litigating both traditional and digital copyrights. Our attorneys proactively assist clients with developing corporate safeguards to protect against infringement by others, as well as against claims of copyright infringement. In many cases, by conducting a simple copyright audit, we have been able to help our clients take initiative against costly litigation.

If you have developed a creative work and have questions about how your work is protected, or if you feel your creative ideas are being used without your authorization, please talk to us about it. We’ll let you know how the copyright laws apply in your situation.
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