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U.S. DISTRICT COURT, COLORADO, October 28, 2015. After deliberating for only two and a half hours, a federal jury unanimously ruled in favor of R/X Automation Solutions in a patent infringement case brought in the U.S. District Court of Colorado by Knapp Logistics, Inc., a subsidiary of KNAPP AG, headquartered in Hart bei Graz, Austria. The verdict was a sweeping victory for RXAS, as the jury found that none of RXAS’ line of S4 Script Count pill counters infringed Knapp’s patent. The jury also found that the patent Knapp asserted against RXAS was invalid.R/X Automation Solutions Pill Counter

This unanimous verdict is the culmination of nearly two years of litigation between the parties. Knapp sued RXAS in December 2013 for allegedly infringing Knapp’s patent related to automated pill counters. RXAS countered that none of its S4 Script Count pill counters infringed Knapp’s patent and that Knapp should never have been granted the patent in the first place.

Luke Santangelo of Santangelo Law Offices in Fort Collins, which represented RXAS, noted the significance of this win: “This case is one of only a handful of cases nationwide in the last decade to invalidate a patent for a violation of the on-sale bar. Critical to our success was having a client with a strong conviction to stand up for what was right. We couldn’t be happier with the result, because it shows that the system works and can protect the good guys – even against a well-funded international corporation.”

“We are thrilled with the efforts of the entire team at Santangelo Law Offices,” said R/X Automation Solution’s President, Tim Chambers, about the unanimous jury verdict. “It’s been a long haul, and it’s not a fight we chose, but it’s great to see that the system works. We knew we didn’t infringe from the very beginning, and had faith that a jury would agree. After watching our litigation team at Santangelo Law Offices rack up win after win, we felt confident taking this case to the jury. It was important to have a team that was willing to stand up for our company, our employees and most importantly our customers.”

This victory builds off Santangelo Law Offices’ prior summary judgment victory as to Knapp’s claim of patent infringement of one of RXAS’ new S4 Script Count product lines. Luke Santangelo, reflecting on what this victory means for RXAS, stated: “Juries are smart, and when presented with the facts are able to see through corporate games. This jury sent a clear signal to the pill dispensing industry of the concocted nature of Knapp’s claims, and that RXAS’ products never infringed.”

About R/X Automation Solutions

R/X Automation Solutions is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of the latest in automation machinery and automated pill counters based in Longmont, Colorado. For RXAS product information, see www.rxas.com or contact Tim Chambers at R/X Automation Solutions, 303-485-1499. Legal details on the jury verdict are available from R/X’s patent attorneys, Santangelo Law Offices PC in Fort Collins, Colorado, 970-224-3100.

Read the Jury Verdict and Final Judgment.

Knapp Logistics & Automation, Inc. v. R/X Automation Solutions, Inc., 14-cv-00319-RBJ (D. Colorado).

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