How to Protect your Copyright against Artificial Intelligence

Over the past two years, the changes artificial intelligence has wrought on the way we work have drastically accelerated. For artists and inventors, those changes are changing the way they monetize and protect their work. 

Challenges in the use of AI and Protecting Your Copyright

Read more to learn more about the challenges with copyrighting your work in the new world of AI.

Unauthorized Use of Work

AI often scours the internet to “learn,” or train itself. As it scrapes the internet for content, artwork, original writing, and other work can be scooped up and used without explicit permission. When that work is then incorporated into what the AI produces, the tool can replicate information, styles, or other elements – leading to content being used without the consent of the original artist.


AI-generated art or text often lacks clear authorship, complicating copyright claims. Traditional copyright laws rely on human authorship, but when AI creates a piece of art, determining who holds the copyright—the programmer, the user, or the AI itself—becomes problematic.

Market Saturation

While not a copyright issue, market saturation is an ongoing issue now that AI is able to quickly replicate approximations of other work, flooding the marketplace. Artists or inventors might find it harder to sell their work at fair prices, facing increased competition from AI-generated pieces that may be cheaper and more abundant.

Derivative Work

Even if an artist has a distinct and wholly unique style, AI is able to mimic the work with a few quick prompts. The ease with which AI can recreate a technique brings issues of infringement into question, as the AI work is undermining the artist’s creative labor and intellectual property.

Maintaining Competitive Advantage

It can be hard to know whether or not your copyright is being infringed upon when it comes to AI-generated work. The creative process for people and AI alike involves taking inspiration from previous work and building or adapting upon that foundation. It takes a law firm with experience handling copyright infringement cases to know what you have to do to protect your intellectual property and when you might have an infringement case on your hands. 

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