By implementing a comprehensive eDiscovery plan early on in any litigation, along with the right tools and experience, we help our clients save tremendous amounts of resources and provide the defensibility needed in today’s litigation atmosphere.”

-Michael Blackmore



Michael Blackmore is the firm’s Senior Litigation Paralegal and Certified eDiscovery Specialist. Michael has worked in the legal field for over 20 years and has extensive experience in IT, database management, patents, trademarks, and copyrights in addition to litigation.

Michael received his Bachelor’s degree in psychology and obtained his eDiscovery Specialist Certification through the Association of Certified eDiscovery Specialists. Michael has experience in both Federal and Colorado State Courts, as well as arbitration and mediation proceedings.

In his spare time, Michael and his wife are Track Operators at the Epic BMX track, a volunteer-based organization that hosts local bicycle races for both youth and adults. He also enjoys live music and encouraging his daughter, who holds the 2014 Colorado State Fiddler Champion title.



Assisted with domestic, international PCT, and/or foreign national phase filings including coordinating with foreign counsel on initial applications, office actions and/or payment of annuities for the following representative patents:

US 2007/066466 – Methods and Apparatus for Solid Carbonaceous Materials Synthesis Gas Generation: PCT, United States, Colombia, China, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, India, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, European Region, and Australia

US 2010/029077 – Wind Power Generation System: United States, Mexico, and European Region

US 2009/031162 – Musical Support Apparatus: PCT, United States, Canada, and China

US 2005/018323 – Methods of Evaluating Undersaturated Coalbed Methane Reservoirs: PCT, United States, Australia, Botswana, Canada, China, European Region, India, and New Zealand

US 2009/035027 – Cable Television Secure Communication System For One-Way Restricted Access: PCT, United States, Canada, China, and European Region


Koninklijke Philips Electronics against Caribe Corporation, (U.S. Dist. Court New Jersey): Lead paralegal and eDiscovery Specialist in multi-billion dollar trademark infringement and unfair competition action following successful T.T.A.B. opposition for the mark Simplicity®. Assisted in the development and implemented of electronic document collection and preservation efforts including novel cloud-based document search protocols.

Cache La Poudre, LLC v. Land O’Lakes, Inc., (U.S. Dist. Court Colorado): Lead paralegal in trademark infringement action against multi-billion dollar corporation resulting in $15.2M jury verdict upholding the trademark PROFILE® in U.S. federal court. Responsible for all document production, preservation and eDiscovery management as well as developing electronic presentation of evidence at trial.

Vail Resorts v. Vend-Tel-Co., (U.S. Dist. Court Colorado and Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals): Lead paralegal for successful defense of a trademark infringement action brought by Vail Resorts over client’s right to use “1-800-SKIVAIL.” Responsible for all document production and eDiscovery management as well as assisting directly at trial.

Zahourek Systems Inc. v. Canine Rehabilitation Institute: Lead paralegal and eDiscovery Specialist in complex breach of contract and copyright infringement arbitration. Implemented e-discovery case management protocols resulting in significant reduction in both document production and preservation costs.

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