Lindsey Spallone intellectual property law paralegal at Santangelo Law Offices

Lindsey Spallone

Maintaining strong relationships with foreign counsel throughout the world provides our clients the opportunity to protect and market their intellectual property assets in untapped markets. Without a global perspective, it’s difficult to reap the full impact of your creation.”

-Lindsey Spallone



Lindsey Spallone is a patent and litigation paralegal at Santangelo Law Offices. She handles all U.S. and foreign patent filings. She conducts research, manages deadlines, and frequently corresponds with clients and foreign counsel all over the world. Lindsey also handles all aspects of intellectual property litigation.

Lindsey was born and raised in Fort Collins. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from CSU. She served as an associate editor for the Journal for Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Excellence – the only undergraduate journal to be endorsed by the Library of Congress. She spent a semester studying in Prague, Czech Republic and traveled around Eastern Europe. She received her Paralegal certificate from the American Bar Association-approved program at the Community College of Aurora.  Prior to working at Santangelo Law Offices, Lindsey worked at civil litigation firms in Denver and Boulder.

In her spare time, Lindsey enjoys spending time with her family and friends.


Assisted with domestic, international PCT, and/or foreign national phase filings including coordinating with foreign counsel on initial applications, office actions and/or payment of annuities for the following representative patents:

US 2013/030222 – System and Substances for Cryopreservation of Visible Cells: PCT, United States, Mexico, European Region, and Brazil

US 2012/0043738 A1 – Methods and Apparatus for Ball and Socket Coupling: PCT, United States, Canada, and Australia

US 2011/0067745 A1 – Systems for Highly Efficient Solar Power: PCT, United States, and European Region

US 2012/052539 – RPM Controlled Wind Power Generation System: PCT, United States, Canada, European Region, and China

US 02/21766 – Water Control Gate and Actuator Therefor: PCT, United States, Mexico, Japan, Koran, and Taiwan


Knapp Logistics Automation, Inc. v. R/X Automation Solutions, Inc., (U.S. Dist. Court Colorado): Lead paralegal in complex patent infringement lawsuit involving pill counting technology. Assisted in all aspects of case management including eDiscovery, docketing, legal research, as well as preparation of invalidity and non-infringement contentions.

Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V., v. Hunt Control Systems, Inc., (U.S. Dist. Court New Jersey): Assistant paralegal in multi-billion dollar trademark infringement and unfair competition action following successful T.T.A.B. opposition for the mark Simplicity®. Assisted in all eDiscovery management protocols as well as 30(b)(6) deposition preparation including profit analysis of multi-national corporation.

Touchstone Home Health, LLC v. Touchstone Health Partners, (Colorado Dist. Court for Larimer County): Lead paralegal in common-law trademark and unfair competition action. Assisted in all aspects of case including eDiscovery, docketing, legal research, as well as deposition preparation.

Gould Ranch, Inc., et al., v. NW Iowa Livestock Exchange, Inc., (Colorado Dist. Court for Larimer County): Lead paralegal in breach of trademark license action. Managed all filing and docketing as well as assisted in legal and factual research resulting in an award monetary sanctions against opposing counsel and Plaintiffs.

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